Theresa Woodard

Founder & Doctor at TWMed Consulting, LLC


A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dr. Woodard moved to Tennessee almost five years ago.  After serving Brownsville and surrounding communities of Tennessee as an Internal Medicine clinician and Hospitalist, Dr. Woodard founded TWMed Consulting, LLC to follow her passion in wellness and disease prevention.  Eighteen years of practice only reinforced her passion regarding patient advocacy, education, and empowerment to make the changes each can, to live healthier, longer lives.  She serves multiple sclerosis patients for in home 1st dose medical therapy throughout western Tennessee.  She served on the Technical Advisory Group for the Tennessee Health Care Innovation Initiative, advising on diabetes and pancreatitis.  She has also served our state as Medical Director for several home health agencies, a medical panelist, public speaker, health blogger and wellness educator.

She was recently a speaker at the Total Woman Summit at the National Civil Rights Museum, and was honored to be the 2016 commencement speaker for the graduates of Heath-Tech Institute of Memphis, where she currently serves on the Board of Directors.  She also currently serves as a Tennessee representative in the Delta Regional Authority 2018 Delta Leadership Institute.

Dr. Woodard’s health consulting business offers services to individuals, healthcare practices, and corporations interested in growing their employee wellness programs.  TWMed Consulting facilitates wellness counseling, medical lab reviews, corporate seminars, workshops, lunch and learns, and tailor-made wellness education sessions for each client’s needs.  Although striving to serve more companies within Tennessee, her clients span across the nation, when including her work with WiseThink Health Solutions, of Atlanta, Georgia.

She volunteers with various organizations as a member of her sorority, she has been a Grizzlies Team Mentor and donates her time and resources to varied charities and non-profits like Mentoring Youth Through Technology (MYTT) and Memphis Women in Technology (MWiT).