Leadership tracks

The summit will offer separate tracks based on career stage.


Entering the Workforce

Speakers: Krystal Clark, Juliet King, Jacqueline O’Bryant

If you are in the first few years of your career, these are the sessions for you. The focus will be on issues faced when starting out in a career, how to position yourself for success and building leadership skills to ensure your voice is heard.


Emerging Leader

Speakers: Kontji Anthony, Tabitha Glenn, Theresa Woodard

A mid-career track, for attendees who already have a solid start to their career, but are not yet done climbing the ladder. These sessions will focus on career development, work-life balance, setting priorities and achieving success.


Established Leaders

Speakers: Valentina Cochran, Cynthia Saatkamp, Linn Sitler

A later career track for those who may have reached a pinnacle in their careers and face new questions, such as: How do I keep things fresh? Do I have what it takes to start a new business? How can I help other women succeed?


Leaders of Tomorrow

Speakers: Page Boden, Tannera Gibson

Memphis Women’s Summit will also offer the opportunity to our Leaders of Tomorrow. These driven young women are required to have a 3.0 GPA or higher and also demonstrate strong leadership skills.